Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bruce Kulick Interview


Carolina Zardo -There are a lot of things that I would love to know and you don't need to be introduced to your fans, so let's start with a simple question: How you define your career today? It's more Bruce Kulick, the solo artist or the Grand Funk's guitarrist, or what?

Bruce Kulick - I am very proud of the opportunities I have in my career, and since I love playing guitar, working on stage and in the studio is quite rewarding.
So the answer to your question is that I wear many hats. Solo artist, GFR guitarist, former KISS artist, songwriter, producer, session player.
All those things.

CZ-What makes you really happy, to be in your studio recording your own stuff or on stage playing for the audience? I know a few musicians that really love to be in studio more than alive, but what fits better to you?

BK - They are both rewarding in different ways. Making a live crowd love you is very moving. But making some exciting new music in the studio can be a real rush. So they are both great for me.

CZ - Let's back in time for the Kiss era. I really love your work on their albums but I really have a especial love for "Crazy, Crazy Nights" album. Did you had your "space" to create all that amazing solos and arrangements or the producer (Ron Nevison) or even the band influenced your work in this direction?

CZ - Ron was a big help in making the lead guitar work a VOICE. You know, up front and a real important part of the song.
So that was exciting in many ways.

CZ -By the way, How was working with Ron Nevison?

BK - Ron was at the top of his game, success wise. We didn't always communicate well, and once when I proved him wrong, which was ballsy for me, I realized no one is 100% no matter what the reputation. Paul had my back as you say anyway. Ron and I are friends currently. We have done work for the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.

CZ -What's your favorite album with Kiss? I mean, one of those you recorded.

BK- Revenge would have to be. They all have great highlights for me, but Revenge was a real treat to work with Bob Ezrin. His approach and incredible talent, helped me see music in a different light. Love that album.

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