Thursday, June 23, 2011

Vinnie Vincent Issues Message

From: Vinnie Vincent
Dear Everyone,

I thank you for helping me face my darkest struggle. You were there during my loneliest time when I was hopelessly lost with no direction, You were there to help me keep the last of my faith from breaking Your message of love became the moments that I will always remember. VV

I am happy to announce that all charges alleged against me were dropped and the case dismissed. Unfortunately and very sadly I was falsely charged.

I am also happy to announce the is reopen.

Everyone is welcome with the exception of, in my opinion, a very disturbed, dangerously obsessed and toxic individual, who is a former member and one time moderator of my doublevforum who unfortunately continues to perpetuate his poisonous and fabricated stories in other avenues simply to inflict and cause hurt upon me and my family seemingly to satisfy his own agenda. I humbly ask u all 2 stay away from this cancer, for there are better and more uplifting things in life that are worth your precious time and devotion than this. I know in my heart that you are better than this. I hope 2 see it come to pass.

To all of the "truly genuine" friends and fans who sent me their heartfelt messages of support and love during my hurting time, I will answer each of you. I ask that you give me some time.

I will see u all on the board.

I send my love to each and all of you, wherever you are in the world and to all of you who have suffered from the earthquake in Japan and Haiti, I am with you in love and spirit.


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