Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ace Frehley headlining Mt. Clemens Festival July 1

Ace Frehley headlines Budweiser stage! Free concert!
Downtown Mount Clemens Stars and Stripes Festival - Mt. Clemens, Michigan (just outside Detroit).

Ace Frehley - KISS...........10:30 PM - 11:45 PM

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Anonymous said...

I was sitting along a curb with my son waiting for my other son and wife to get off of the Farris wheel, when two guys came walking along the fence separating the car naval side and the back of the stage area, one guy had a Motorhead shirt on like myself and the other had a white silk shirt with guitars printed all over it, the long thinning hair and sunglasses made me think he looked a lot like Ace, but why would he be just walking along the fence right by me on the carnival side? I thought. I did say to the guy with the Motorhead shirt on "nice shirt" because I was wearing on as well. It wasn't until he and his friend passed me by that I noticed his kind of slunched over posture. I realized this was most likely Ace and not a guy that just sort of looked like Ace. In retrospect I'm sure it was Ace...haha! I guess I blew it! After all these years of imagining what I might say to him or actually any of the original members or maybe even shake there hand and get a picture, I just watched him walk right by me. In fact I think he and his friend walked through the crowd down to the fire works that night.