Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eric Singer 'Legendary Rock' Interview

Eric Singer is an amazing drummer who has had a long career that has finally led to a plum job taking over the drum throne for my favorite band KISS. Eric has been playing with the band in one capacity or another since doing Paul Stanley's solo tour back in '89. I have interviewed Paul and some of the other KISS guys before but had never gotten to Eric so this was a pleasure to talk to him and get the update on modern day KISStory as it happens. Read on....
Q: Thanks for taking the time to talk Eric you have been a big part of some pretty important music memories for us dating back to seeing you up here touring even before KISS.

How are things shaping up for Kissology 4 and the follow up to Sonic Boom?

A: Tommy is handling the KISSology IV and is should be great as he knows KISS as well as anyone. We are on our way with the "new" record & will resume working on music after our summer tour. It sounds very strong and I think will surprise a lot of people !

Q: Sonic Boom was the best recording the band has put out since Revenge. One of the knocks on you guys is that KISS is the Gene and Paul show but BOOM was more of a band effort than even some of the late 70s stuff which sometimes used outside performers or writers. How involved have you and Tommy been as far as writing and arranging?

A: We did Sonic Boom as a "Band" in writing and recording. No outside writers and only our co-producer Greg Collins was involved in the recording process as far as sounds, production etc... We are using the same template for this new record and we all are very excited about what we have done so far.

Q: I don't mind admitting to being more of a fan of you and Tommy being in the band than some of the haters because the shows are BETTER and that's all I care about. You've been involved in KISS for over twenty years and some are much more accepting of you than Tommy but are there STILL people who talk to you like you're the "new guy"?

A: All's I have ever tried to do is contribute to keeping the flame alive & burning. To many fans KISS today is "their" KISS. So I would have to say that Tommy & I are very comfortable with our places in the band. KISS 2011 has a great time touring & making music and I think it shows live and on record.

Q: A lot of writers, we have always gotten fat on free tickets and albums; nowadays a lot of fans don't even buy albums. I was happy, PROUD even, to go plunk down for the CD, the Vinyl, the tickets and an autographed Catman drum head. Have you been able to figure out what makes KISS fans so brutally loyal, even in an era like this?

A: KISS has something in the DNA of the band that they have never forgotten from day one. Give the fans what they want. Period.

This band eats,drinks, sleeps,breaths and lives KISS !

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