Friday, January 28, 2011

New Poll: Kiss' (Music From) The Elder Songs

2011 Marks 30th Anniversary of (Music From) The Elder

2011 marks the 30th Anniversary of Kiss' (Music From) The Elder. The album Kiss would rather forget than remember but loved by fans and (surprise!!) critics alike. So please have fun and take part in our new poll and pick songs that you would like hear Kiss play live. Could they possibly throw in a song from the album on the next tour? Stranger things have indeed happened.

We had to narrow the song choice down to what we thought would be the most popular requests. I personally think it's a killer album filled with great songs, arrangements and musicianship. I would love to hear "The Oath" and "I" live. C'mon Kiss, throw us a bone, and play some songs off The Elder! We've been wanting this for years!!

Kiss performs "The Oath" on ABC's 'Fridays' show that aired 1982.

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