Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kiss Promices "Hottest" Summer Tour

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- When KISS tours the United States this summer, it will not be for nostalgia, the band said.
After nearly four decades of touring and recording, KISS has hundreds of songs to choose from, but bassist Gene Simmons promises a new show.
"Every time we go on tour we add new stuff people have never seen before," he said. "We continue to add more songs to our large repertoire."
Their latest album, Sonic Boom, is "classic KISS without sounding retro," guitarist Paul Stanley said.
"The Hottest Show on Earth" tour will kick off July 23 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with at least 22 concerts, mostly on weekends through Labor Day.
"We just finished playing the world, doing the biggest tour that we've ever done and we thought we were going to take a break," Stanley said. "All of the sudden we started thinking 'Nah! We're having too much fun.'"
The first time a number of now-legendary bands -- including AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Rush, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest -- played in front of a sold-out stadium crowd was when they opened for KISS.
KISS announced a competition between unsigned bands for a chance open at one of the summer concerts.
"Somebody gave us a chance once," Simmons said. "We're going to be giving new bands a chance."
Simmons, 60, and Stanley, 58, have been with the band since it formed in 1972. Eric Singer first joined as drummer in 1991 and lead guitarist Tommy Thayer was added eight years ago.

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