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Pictured: Adam Kury, Bruce Kulick, Nick Simmons, Brent Fitz, and Todd Kerns.
A huge supporter of ESP Guitars since day one, Bruce Kulick is a legendary guitar player. While Bruce is best known for his memberships in essential American rock bands like KISS and Grand Funk Railroad, this versatile player has also produced some outstanding solo material as well. In fact, his brand new solo album BK3 gets released in February, and if youʼre in LA, cruise over to the Cat Club in West Hollywood on 2/1/10 for the BK3 release party! Bruce would love to see you there.
To really understand the amazing Mr. Kulick, you have to rewind a few years. As a hot young player in New York, Bruce was recognized as having prodigious talent, and by his early 20s, he was already touring professionally, playing guitar on the road to support Meat Loaf's classic "Bat Out Of Hell" album in the late ʻ70s. Spending the next few years in bands with a range of people from Michael Bolton to Billy Squire, Bruce was asked to become a member of KISS. He accepted, and held the lead guitar role from 1984-1996. In addition to a number of gold and platinum albums, Kulickʼs membership in KISS gave him a long-standing respect from the bandʼs throng of fans, known collectively as the KISS Army. More at
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Bruce did a nice video segment for ESP for ESP Guitars 25th Anniversary.
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