Friday, October 9, 2009


A Sonic Boom is coming, and we don't just mean the new album from KISS... It's The Great KISS Guitar Giveaway - to help you rattle some walls on your own, is giving you a chance to win one of three WASHBURN GUITARS SIGNED BY ALL OF KISS!

How do you enter to win? It's simple:

1) Take a photo of just you, with your friends, family, whatever... but it must be with the new KISS album, Sonic Boom to qualify.

2) Once you have taken your photo, host it on a public album website - flickr, shutterfly, wherever - as long as we can view it, it doesn't matter where!

3) Finally, copy and paste the URL in the field to the right, along with the rest of your info. But make sure to double check the URL, because you can only enter once.

Three winners will be selected at random to receive a Washburn guitar autographed by KISS, but make it a good shot because we'll feature some of the best photos on Pick up the new KISS album, grab your camera, and enter The Great KISS Guitar Giveaway today!
Enter by October 23, 2009 - Good luck! CLICK HERE to enter after midnight October 6.

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