Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Here's an update on our friend Christopher "Critter" Smith. Critter is an 11-year-old KISS fan who's battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. Since we introduced you to Critter last month, KOL has received hundreds of emails from around the world asking for an update on how he is doing.
Here's a note from Critter's mom, Carol:
"Critter is heading home tomorrow from the hospital for about a week, if we're lucky! Only because we need his test result from the next Bone Marrow Aspiration in order to start the next round of chemo that will decide which kind of chemo and how aggressive the next round will be. Things have been going well besides one scare with his blood pressure. We finally got that under control and now everything seems to be going pretty well! He still seems to be responding to the chemo, from what we can tell. We'll find out more about that from the Aspiration."
"Critter's just thrilled and counting down the days until he will meet KISS!"
Critter's mother also told us how much his spirits were lifted after hearing from Paul and Eric. With that in mind, if any members of the KISS Army would like to send a note or card to Critter, we're sure it would be well received!
Christopher "Critter" Smith, 947 York Street, Newport, Ky. 41071

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