Thursday, July 5, 2012

KISStory: KISS "Shrine" at the Guitar Center in Hollywood

If you ever get out to LA., check out the Rockwalk at the Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd., in the heart of Hollywood. Last week we published photos of  KISS' (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, and  a tribute to Eric Carr) 1992  handprints, signatures and plaques. This week Ace Frehley and Peter Criss are featured when they layed down some concrete in 1995.
Photos (C) 2010 Frank Hagan/KMW

Check out the KISS exhibit there and their handprints, signatures and plaques out front.
A host of rock bands and performers are on the Rockwalk include Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden and AC/DC.

Peter's first snare drum. Photo/Frank Hagan

Paul's autographed boot, Peter's autographed bass drum, Ace's autographed Les Paul and Peter's autographed boot from 1976.
Photo/Frank Hagan 
Paul's boot, Ace's autographed guitar. Photo/Frank Hagan
Ace Frehley's handrpints and signature July 25, 1995.  Photo/Frank Hagan
Peter Criss' handprints and signature June 20, 1995. Photo/Frank Hagan

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