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PAUL STANLEY RAISING BIG MONEY FOR THE AUSSIE RED CROSS WITH HIS OWN SIGNATURE WINE. PAUL STANLEY is not only THE front-man 0f rock and roll, an accomplished painter, he also a Class A HUMANITARIAN. Please read...
Paul Stanley of rock band KISS fame will donate the first wines exclusively bottled for his new "Paul Stanley Collection" Wine Series to be auctioned simultaneously in Melbourne and Sydney on 30 May to raise funds for vital Red Cross services.
Paul Stanley, currently in studio creating the latest KISS album, but also spending much of his time painting art, has now developed his own business painting and selling his art. Paul Stanley original paintings sell in excess of US$60,000 a piece to collectors and KISS fans alike.
Paul has been working with friend and fellow wine lover Andrew Roper on the creation of his own wine for the US market, and as he was saddened by the recent Victorian bushfires, he suggested that the first wines out of the barrels (made exclusively for his own brand to be released in the USA in 2010), be donated to Red Cross, whose work includes helping people during emergencies.
In addition to the wines, Paul has also donated the original artwork for the label to be auctioned with the wines.

Andrew Roper of "Wines To The Stars" (Wine Marketing & Wine Introduction to the stars), suggested this could be a unique way of helping people in need through Red Cross, and has co-ordinated the wine, bottling and labelling for the limited and specially handcrafted large format bottles. Roper said: "We have decided to offer something unique, that will capture the imagination of bidders. We are in fact presenting the opportunity to bid for wines that are "one off bottles" and extremely rare and collectable. Also the added opportunity to own a piece of art history, a real genuine showpiece to hang in their home, office or where ever they desire. It is Paul's and our wish that we can raise as much as possible for this very special charity and Paul has personally signed each of the labels as well as the original painting. These wines will be fantastic collectables for years to come. It is only fitting that we use the international and popular status of Paul Stanley as well as one of Australia's great boutique wine producers, to create interest to attract bidders to raise as much as we can.. The Paul Stanley Collection wines will be only available in exclusive restaurants and casinos in the USA.
Wine company, Kaesler Wines of Barossa Valley, South Australia, has for years impressed the American and International Critics with high rated boutique Barossa wines, and has been selected to produce the wines for Paul's exclusive wine brand. Wine Maker and owner, Reid Bosward has combined with Wines To The Stars and Paul Stanley by way of donating the small batch limited wines and bottles. Bosward stated today: "As we are producing the wines for Paul's future label, we are only too pleased to offer our winemaking expertise and assistance to help raise funds for people in need.

The Paul Stanley Collection Wines will be an exclusive production of only a hundred or so cases, and the wines will be some of the best ever produced from the Barossa Valley. These wines are made for the long term, and being bottled in the large format bottles, will keep for well over 20-30 years. The Paul Stanley Collection will be made only if the vintage is perfect, he is a perfectionist with all he does, and we have shown that we too strive to this elite level."

Barossa PrintMasters has also joined the team by way of donating its professional services for the co-ordination, graphic design and printing of the labels. Cork Supply Australia, based in Adelaide, has generously donated the special sized corks required to fit the bottles. For any further enquiries on this article, please contact: Hilda Green - Australian Red Cross - 03 8327 7742 Andrew Roper - Wines To The Stars - 1800 090 999 or 0400 202 311

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