Monday, November 5, 2012

KISS Kruise 2/ Day 3

Our ship, the Norwegian Pearl, docked in Mexico yesterday, and many KISS fans spent the day exploring Cozumel. It was fun to watch a sea of KISS t-shirts exiting the cruise terminal and spreading through town!

Back aboard the ship, it was "80s night." The KISS Navy put its own spin on dressing for the decade. Many Kruisers sported big hair, neon colors, and spandex to get into the spirit. This was also the night of KISS' second indoor show, so a lot of fans wore their 80s wear to the concert, which made for a fun-looking crowd!

And what a show it was. KISS kicked off the show with "Take Me," mixing up the setlist quite a bit from the previous night's concert. The song selections were often guided by fans shouting out song titles. KISS played "Makin' Love," "I Stole Your Love" and even a short version of "Magic Touch" after the audience began chanting it. Just as the previous audience was treated to five songs from "Monster," KISS performed these songs for for this enthusiastic audience too. At the end of the show, after the encore had ended and the house lights came up, Eric returned to the stage and threw out every set of drumsticks he had near his kit. After he ran out of sticks, he and his tech began dismantling his drum kit, then autographing and distributing two cymbals and a cowbell to three young fans.

Today is the last full day of the Kruise! There are a lot of fun events scheduled, including a poolside band Q&A session with KISS and fans, Casino Night with Eric, a Belly Flop contest with Paul, and a pick-throwing contest pitting KISS Kruisers against long-range pick-throwing master... Gene! At night, a KISS costume contest promises to showcase hundreds of fans showing off their best face paint!

(Fun fact: All KISS Kruise guests received three gifts when they boarded the ship -- a KISS Kruise beach towel, a KISS Kruise poster autographed by all four members of the band... and a set of black-and-white KISS makeup, so everyone can rock the greasepaint tonight!)


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