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by Fabio Mainardi/Deuce News
(pictured: Ace, Peter, Spiro and Paul/Japan 1997)

Spiro has worked with Kiss since 1995. His duties have been from everything to putting the displays together for the 1995 Convention Tour to filling in for Gene on a Japanese tv comercial to designing Kiss tee-shirt to Gene's personal assistant. Spiro has also performed in the Kiss Tribute band, COLD GIN, with Kiss guitarist, Tommy Thayer.

As you will found in an interview done with our good friend Fabio at Deuce News, Spiro wears many Kiss hats.

Q:Why not to start right from that episode back in 2000, could you briefly tell us what passed in your mind when Ace told you were going to play that night?

A:I was thinking Ace must be crazy if he thinks he can make a decision like that.
Q:Definitely!!! Well, you played almost three years with Tommy in Cold Gin from 1992 to 1995. Tommy is now the lead guitarist in KISS, do you think it would be possible one day to see you as the new bassist in KISS?

A:With KISS, anything is possible but Gene isn't going to hang it up anytime soon. Gene and Paul have been doing this for 35 years and they’re still kicking ass.
Q:You started working for KISS in 1995 on the Official KISS Convention Tour, back then you started designing t-shirts and merchandise. Currently, you are Gene’s assistant. Could you tell us how is a typical Spiro’s day working with Gene?

A:There is no such thing as a typical day working with Gene. In addition to being the band’s assistant tour manager, I am responsible for coordinating all of Gene’s movements on tour. I am also his point man for Gene Simmons Family Jewels, the Axe Bass, Simmons Records and other business ventures. Gene is always very busy which means I’m always very busy! I was also the Pyro Shooter for the first month of the tour until the new Pyro crew learned the cues.

Q:You are also filming a lot of Gene’s activities, are some plans to include those segments in future DVD releases?
A:I’ve been filming behind the scenes footage of the entire band’s activities on tour. KISS is currently working on a DVD project that is going to top the first three volumes of KISSOLOGY. Lots of cool new footage and never before released KISS footage from the early 1970’s that is going to blow you away.

Q:Talking about filming, could you anticipate us some news about the KISS Reality Show Gene talked about some months ago? Any plan to broadcast in the next future?

A:I don’t know.

Q:Back to your current activities are you still managing the graphics for the KISS merchandising? And do you know if there will be some cool new stuff for the forthcoming Sonic Boom Euro Tour?

A:Live Nation used one of my designs for the KISS Alive 35 Tour which just happened to be the number one selling t-shirt every night on this tour. I recently did the artwork for the new Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour poster which was actually a collaborative effort between Paul Stanley and myself. We worked on it together in his hotel room on an off day during the tour. We came up with a sort of KISS jumbo jet on steroids flying over Europe. I think it turned out pretty cool.

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