Thursday, September 27, 2012

KISS, MOTLEY CRUE Reveal Australian Tour Plans

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Lock up your daughters, mothers and grandmothers – hair metal juggernauts Kiss and Mötley Crüe look set to descend on Australia early next year.

Crüe drummer Tommy Lee spilled the beans overnight on his Facebook page (via Fasterlouder), writing excitedly: “Wow! how time flys!! Last night of the US part of the tour. One show in Mexico in a few days but its a rap for 2012 kids!! A little break til Jan 2013 then off to Australia with Kiss n Motley.”
Nothing official has yet been confirmed, but stay tuned.

Sharing the stage for the first time since 1982, the Kiss/Crüe tag-team – simply dubbed ‘The Tour’ – has already clocked up over 40 shows together in the US since starting in July, no doubt leaving a trail of elated rock fans, exhausted groupies and pyro fumes in their wake.
At the tour’s press conference in March, the bands curiously described the joint tour as “Elvis on steroids”, an interesting comparison given the King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll was never known for face paint, armour or umlauts (that we know of).

“I want people to leave and go so this is what rock & roll is,” Kiss frontman Paul Stanley told the conference, as reported by Rolling Stone. “It’s dangerous, it’s loose, it’s not perfect. So whatever pop artist you see dancing around on a stage lip synching, that’s a con game and that’s not a live concert. If you want karaoke, go to a karaoke bar.”

Kiss guitarists Gene Simmons added: “”Come out, we’ll blow shit up, go home and fuck your girlfriend, that’s it. That’s exactly what we’d hope for.”

Kiss plan to release their 20th studio album ‘Monster’ next month. Motley Crue’s last album ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ came out in 2008, although they did drop a new song, simply titled ‘Sex’ in July.

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