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PAUL STANLEY: Will Have an Autobiography Out Next Year



Written by Marko Syrjala / Metal Rules

Have you ever been considered to write a book about your life?

PAUL STANLEY: Yes, there will be an autobiography out next year.

Wow! That’s big news and the fans are looking forward to it. This is a bit personal question but if someone would say that you are nowadays a very private person how would you comment?

PAUL STANLEY: I have always been a very private person and haven’t change in that sense.


The album is now coming in October although it’s been ready for a long time. Originally it was supposed to come out earlier, like in May. What’s the reason for that delay?

PAUL STANLEY: The reason it didn’t come out I mean it has been done for a while we wanted to have a different type of set up in terms of a distribution. We wanted to go with a label this time. So the legalities of working out a contract take a long time. So, you know, by going back to Universal with a company that has our whole catalogue so for a lot of reasons it made a lot of sense. Plus they were very “Come home”, very committed to the album. So had we wanted to do it a different way, we would had it out in May. But this made more sense and will make more sense. You know doing the Wal-Mart deal was great in one way but in another way if you didn’t have a Wal-Mart near you or if you didn’t have iTunes if you couldn’t get it from iTunes so it was very limited how you could get the album. So, we tried that once and now we said let’s do it this route. But Universal they very much wanted us back. And they have all these other albums so it’s a good agreement.

I have now picked up few of my favorite tracks from the album. Would you say a brief comment about those ones?


The first in my list is… “Take Me Down Below”.

PAUL STANLEY: A good tongue in cheek kind of a tune, you know, I tough that the album could use something of a little bit of humor in it but I wouldn’t wanted the whole album of that I think it’s a really cool relentless kind of a fun track.

For me, it kind of reminded ma about the SONIC BOOM track “Stand” in a way?

PAUL STANLEY: Yeah, it’s nice to sometimes have a track where Gene and I both sing.

Right and next my list is “Shout Mercy”.

PAUL STANLEY: I like “Shout Mercy” a lot. I like a lot of what that song is, I like the passion of it, the pulse of it, the relentlessness. For me there’s like a tribal quality. I like it a lot.

How about “Eat Your Heart Out”? That’s really a different KISS song, I would say!

PAUL STANLEY: I think it’s a really good Gene track. You know, it’s got a great chorus and the groove of it, the feel of it is really good.

And then there’s “Freak”. Would you tell the meaning behind those lyrics on it?

PAUL STANLEY: You know, being a freak is like a state of mind, and in some ways it’s no different than “Stand”. It’s a song about saying I am what I am. And standing up for what you are. Whether you have stripes in your hair, or your clothes are different you know this is all that I am and I’m proud of it. You know, one way or another we have always sing about that, believing yourself and being who you are. “Shout Mercy” is just a really relentless, almost tribal sounding song. There are no week tracks on the album. Somebody might like one track more than the other, but here’s not any track on the album, when I listen the album, that shouldn’t be on the album.

Does the songs somehow reflect your own personal life, your state of mind, mind settings or alike?

PAUL STANLEY: Well, it’s certainly at the point where I’m very sure where I am and very comfortable where the band is. KISS is like an animal and at some point the animal may be sic and then you realize you must go to the doctor and doctor says this part needs to come out, this part is sic and you take this part out and it gets better.

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