Thursday, August 16, 2012

Frehley sober and on stage at Celebrate Erie

By Dave Richards, Erie Times-News

You can Kiss the past goodbye.

Ask Ace Frehley. He exited Kiss in 2002, then left drugs and alcohol behind in 2007. He owned up to his wild past in "No Regrets," his 2011 autobiography.

Writing that was a somewhat cathartic experience, Frehley said, during a phone interview from California while he waited for his wife to finish shopping.

"There was some emotion there," Frehley said, about writing the book. "But it was also very cleansing. As of September, I will be sober six years."

His past was so hazy, he consulted with friends, family members and others "just to make sure I got all the stories right," he said. "After putting it all down, after reading it, I just said, 'Wow. I'm really lucky to be alive.'"

Frehley had more close calls than an umpire at first base.

"And believe me, that wasn't all of them," he said. Which is why he's already begun a sequel to "No Regrets."

Frehley occasionally talks to his former Kiss band mates.

"I had lunch with Gene (Simmons) awhile back. I gave him some excerpts from the book. He got a kick out of it. We just talked about old times," Frehley said. "We've been through so so much together, there's no hard feelings. They decided to continue on, and I decided to leave and do my solo stuff."

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