Saturday, July 21, 2012

KISS Unleashes World’s First Globally Social Fan Hub Through Ortsbo

Engaging with users of every major social network, the KISS Army will converge in one all-inclusive social music destination, making 40 City Tour a World-Wide, Social Experience

LOS ANGELES, TORONTO & NEW YORK--()--Legendary rock band KISS ( has tapped Ortsbo (, the world’s leading real-time experiential communications platform, to create the first globally social fan engagement platform, broadcasting fan communications worldwide for the band’s 40-city summer tour, entitled: KISS Motley Crüe The Tour 2012. Reaching fans in multiple languages, the platform will aggregate more than 17 social networks in a central platform at the social hub through with instant translation and real-time integration to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Vevo, and more. The launch will effectively transform in-venue fan engagement during a live music performance into a global, social and merchandising experience.
“This unrivaled approach to combining more than a dozen social networks, real-time language services in up to 53 languages and fans of KISS, around their summer tour, may set a new standard in socially-powered music fandom”
A world first in music & fan communications, Ortsbo’s revolutionary multilingual social network aggregator will enable the tour’s on-site team, concert-goers, KISS members and fans worldwide to converse across language barriers, continents and all the top social networks. Built to transform the way audiences, musicians and staffers share live and static entertainment experiences, the new hub will serve as a global base for KISS fans, tour attendees and viewers around the world. Gathering data and statistics in real-time, the service will also collect invaluable information on its back-end for further refinement, development and perfection of the platform while creating unprecedented, niche audience information for advertisers and marketers to potentially tap as well.

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