Tuesday, May 15, 2012

TOMMY THAYER unleashes his passion with a Kiss

Great Interview with Tommy Thayer

With bands such as Everclear, Dandy Warhol’s and Quarterflash at one time calling Portland, Oregon their home, Portland is known as a town steeped in music heritage. Sports and music go hand in hand and the Bald Faced Truth brings both worlds together. Rock guitarist Tommy Thayer, known for being in the band Black ‘n Blue and currently the lead guitarist in the band Kiss joined the Bald Faced Truth with John Canzano to talk about his career and the upcoming fundraising event called the All Star Salute at the Oregon Golf Club. The event will serve as a kick off for the Capital Campaign for the Oregon Military Museum which will be named after his father, Retired General James B. Thayer.

Tommy Thayer and John discuss how he got involved in playing music in a band and whether or not he played sports as a youth. Thayer talks about the climate of the music scene in Portland, OR in the early 1980’s and moving to Los Angeles to follow his dream of having a successful rock band. Thayer and John have a riveting conversation about Tommy’s passion for philanthropy and charity work. What’s Tommy’s take on women playing in rock bands? Listen to this great interview with Tommy Thayer and find out.

Check out the interview with Tommy HERE!

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