Monday, September 19, 2011

Kiss Solo Albums Released 1978


The KISS solo albums were released on this day, September 18, 1978. Each album represented their own taste and musical  influence. Gene's hosted a variety of special guests from Joe Perry, Cher, Helen Reddy and Bob Seger and displayed how the Beatles were so instrumental in Gene's writing and singing. Peter's album was a surprise to Kiss fans with a more rhythm and blues and 50's feel approach. Ace and Paul's was the most relatable identified closer to Kiss musical style.

The Kiss solo albums were a milestone in recording history being the first and only band to release solo albums on the same day unified by artwork and the KISS logo on the left hand corner.

Peter's album peaked at #43 on the Billboard Albuma, Paul's at #40, Gene's at #22 and Ace's at #26. Ace was the only member to spawn a hit single with "New York Groove" which peaked at #13 on the Billboard Singles Charts. Casablanca  shipped all four albums Platinum- 4 million on one day. A feat that has never been repeated in this format.

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