Monday, September 19, 2011

KISS "LICK IT UP" Released 1983

LICK IT UP, Kiss 11th studio album and the first for the band to appear without make-up was released on September 18, 1983. Kiss appeared on MTV for a special unmasking, the first time the band appeared without make-up in public on the same day the album was released.

The album peaked at #24 on the US Billboard Album Charts with the single "Lick It Up" at #66. The videos for the title single and "All Hell's Breakin; Loose" were MTV staples receiving constant airplay.

The album was produced by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Michael James Jackson.

Rick Derringer played lead guitar on "Exciter."

With  the "Creatures/10th Anniversary" tour (1982) the year before missing  many markets, the "Lick It Up" tour (1983) was the first full US tour since the "Dynasty" tour of 1979.

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