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Interview with "Archies Meets Kiss" Artist Dan Parent

Archie Artist Dan Parent Talks 'Archie Meets KISS' Comic Book
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KISS Invades Riverdale! Lock Up Betty and Veronica
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Legendary rock group KISS is making an appearance in issue #628 of Archie Comics. The comic will be hitting specialty store shelves on December 28, 2011. I had the opportunity to talk to Archie Comics artist Dan Parent, who has worked on the comic series since 1987.

Are you a KISS fan? If so, what does the band mean to you?

I am definitely a KISS fan from all the way back in Junior High. The band is more than just a rock group to me. Its part of my personal history, as music often is with many people. KISS is also a part of Americana now, much like Archie. That may be why the two go so well together!

Most would call getting to draw KISS for a major comic book a privilege. Would you like to comment on the experience?

It's an incredible privilege! I see it in the eyes of people who can't wait for the series to come out. Awesome projects like this don't come along everyday.

What sort of challenges arose when drawing KISS for Archie Comics?

The only real challenge is keeping the characters true to their essence, then merging that with the classic Archie feel. It's a little tricky at first, but once I got rolling it became easier.

Describe the process of adapting the different iconic KISS personas for a comic book?

Well, writer Alex has the hard part of figuring that out in the script. He clearly spelled out their personalities there, so I had the fun part of drawing it!

Most long-time fans of KISS always think of the movie "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park" and their first appearances in Marvel Comics and Howard the Duck as the defining moment of when the group stopped being a rock band and became more like kiddie comic book super heroes. How would you say KISS's appearance in Archie Comics would relate to that?

I don't think KISS ever stopped being a rock band. They embrace their fans of all ages with all kinds of projects. They're a pop culture fixture, and they fit so seamlessly in so many types of projects. It seems to be working after thirty some odd years of worldwide popularity. Archie Comics' longevity along with KISS's makes for a killer team-up!

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