Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alice Cooper: "I'll be championing them for the Hall of Fame"

Here is an exerpt from an interview with Alice Cooper who is promoting "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" album
, Music Q&A Examiner

Photo:Kiss & Alice Cooper Band, New Zealand, 2008.
Out of curiosity, what is your relationship like with the band KISS?

Well, we knew KISS before they were KISS. Like before they called the Dodgers the Brooklyn Dodgers, they were a bunch of different things. Basically, we told them where to buy their make-up, you know? I think the only thing I said to them was, “You’re gonna get criticized anyway because you’re wearing make-up, and people are going to immediately equate you with this.” And what they said in the press was very smart, you know: “If one Alice works, than four ought to work.” And they were smart also do a show that wasn’t anything like my show. They used pyro and lasers and all the stuff that Alice didn’t use.

And Gene [Simmons] is very smart, and so is Paul Stanley, and they’re smart enough to work with Ezrin, and they kind of chose him for what they were doing, and it worked. And I’ve never been at odds with KISS, ever. They’ve always been guys that we’ve gotten along with; we’ve never really been at each other’s throats at all. In fact, I’ll probably be the one that’s championing them for the [Rock and Roll] Hall of Fame.

Read the entire interview with Alice HERE!

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