Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kiss Releases Statement on McCartney Tribute Album


KISS recorded a version of "Venus And Mars/Rock Show" for the set, with the backing tracks all having been recorded by Paul McCartney's touring band. KISS said in a statement, "We consider it an honor to be asked to participate on a tribute to one of the most influential and greatest singer/songwriters of all time. Not to mention, a major force in the most important band of all time, THE BEATLES. Wow!"

We can't wait to hear this!!


On the new album: KISS have tracked five songs at Conway Studios in Los Angeles since entering the studio April 13. Tommy Thayer has added his lead guitar parts to five of those tracks. Meanwhile, Last month, Gene Simmons said in an interview that “the new record, which we already started working on, is gonna be the next step to Sonic Boom. Very similar — straight rock songs, no ballads, no keyboards, no nothing, just rock…A lot of the songs [have been] written by the whole band together, so no outside writers, just the band doing what it did on the first three records — writing the songs ourselves. We have almost all the songs written. In fact, we have too many songs; we have about 20 to 25 things that look and sound good.”
On April 14, Gene Simmons reported , "Went into the studio today for day 1 of the new studio album. We've got some rockin' stuff." He followed that with a few other updates that read, "In studio. Lead guitars under way on new stuff. Killer," as well as "KISS 18 hole mini golf course in Las Vegas. It's coming."

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