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Gene Simmons Legal Marriage-Like Relationship While In Canada

Gene Simmons Has Legal Marriage-Like Relationship While In Canada
Gene Simmons might consider himself happily unmarried and protected under the non-existence of California laws for common law marriage, but when the KISS superstar heads to his Whistler, British Columbia home with his dual-citizenship partner Shannon Tweed, he might be in a situation that’s closer to marriage than he might want to admit to.

Under the British Columbia Estate Administration Act, while Simmons is in a Canadian province where he owns a home (ie. Whistler, BC), he is considered a common law spouse. While not considered officially married, under the terminology of the Administration Act, Simmons and Tweed have met the requirements to be considered to be in a marriage-like relationship, as seen on the hit television series Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

In the legal Canadian case of Moldowich v Penttinen, seven factors were used to declare them legal partners, all of which have been witnessed on the Gene Simmons Family Jewels television program.

1. Shelter - Simmons/Tweed share accommodation at the same house. (As seen in GSFJ).

2. Sexual and Personal Behavior - Simmons/Tweed maintain an intimate interdependent relationship and were so perceived by others. (GSFJ Episode 5, Food or Sex, Simmons is refused “nookie” until he loses 5 lbs).

3. Services - Simmons/Tweed share the traditional functions of a family. (GSFJ episode 29, the “family” goes camping).

4. Social - Simmons/Tweed portray themselves as a couple to the outside world. (GSFJ episode 88, Sex & Rock N’ Roll, they mistakenly attend a sex party together and leave – not wanting to participate).

5. Societal - Simmons/Tweed are treated by their community as a couple. (GSFJ episode 88, Sex & Rock N’ Roll, invited to the party as a couple).

6. Economic Support - Simmons/Tweed show that they can be economically interdependent. (GSFJ episode 30, Sucker Bet, Shannon bets Gene’s money on a horse).

7. Children - Children are part of the Simmons/Tweed home. (Nick and Sophie)

In the State of California there are no laws or governings for common law relationships, so Simmons can remain happily unmarried, but in the province of British Columbia, with his Canadian/American partner, Gene must follow the Canadian laws making him one step closer to marriage than he might not otherwise want or preach of.

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