Thursday, December 30, 2010

KISS Mask: Happy New Year 2011


Our apology to our readers:
First, KISS Mask Webzine would like to apologize to our readers. The KISS Mask has been experiencing technical issues over the past two weeks which has enabled us to post on a regular basis. Hopefully, these issues have been worked out, and we will be back up to normal if not lightning speed January 1, 2011.

What's up and coming:
In 2010, look for our KISS 'Photo of the Week' where there will be a new KISS photo from all eras published in our top header and post with the origin of the photo. You will see photos that you will be familiar with as well as obscure photos you may never have seen before. Fans Speak will always be part of the new format where you can email us with your thoughts and opinions

A great year for KISS is on it's way:
2011 should shape up to be another great year for KISS fans: A new KISS album has been promised (tentative for a February release), a new world tour (United States, Europe, South America as well as possible stops in Australia, South America, Japan and possibly Russia) and the continuation of the great KISSOLOGY DVD series. A monster box set has also bee reported by GENE SIMMONS for 2011. As first reported here in August 2009, PETER CRISS' new rock album should see the light of day. VINNIE VINCENT will see a new signature guitar to debut at this year's NAMM Convention in Anaheim. Hopefully, we'll see more of ACE FREHLEY this year with a proper tour and can we dream, another album?!

We are working hard to change our format a bit to include KISSTORY articles and photos even when KISS news maybe slow. There will be new changes in reporting and tapping in on parts of KISSTORY throughout the past 37 years that will be of great interest to KISS fans and former members. We will also concentrate on the classic KISS lineup with video, articles, fascinating facts, and exclusive photos. 2011 is looking to be a great year, not only for KISS and KISS fans, but for KISS MASK WEBZINE as well.

- J. Frank Hagan, December 31, 2010
Editor/Publisher the KISS MASK WEBZINE

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