Thursday, October 22, 2009


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DeuceNews readers, today 22-10-09, I have the honour and the great pleasure to post an amazing
Q&A with our ERIC SINGER!!!
Hi Eric, thanks so much for your time!!!
Sonic Boom debuted here in Italy and all over Europe really with boom.
Did you expect this amazing success all over the places?

We are very happy and excited about Sonic Boom and KISS these days ! The band really
feels that we made a very strong record and captured the KISS energy on tape that we bring
to the stage every night.
We thank all of you for the support and are glad you all love it too.

Recently Paul stated that almost the whole album was two takes and the few songs that worried you
were because you had to do a third and it was just kind of like as a safety. Was it quite like
recording live, right?

It was recording 'Live" since we played in a room as a band with no click tracks or drum
machines to play along with. That is the way records were made in the early years of KISS.

Out of the 11 Sonic Boom songs I have to admit that Tommy's and your are the ones with a sense of
freshness and "new" that gave this record a really new vibe in the KISS sound. How it was singing
on a new KISS tune? Was Paul very demanding for your vocals?

Tommy and I are both happy to contribute to the KISS sound and add our voices to the songs.
Paul was very supportive of me singing in the studio and live and has always been one of my
biggest fans for me to sing !

The new KISS stage looks amazing and your drums set is finally like what most of the fans wanted:
double bass!!! Did you push Gene and Paul for that or it came out smoothly?

I love the new KISS stage and I felt I need a fuller looking drum kit on that giant KISS sign !
We just wanted a fresh new look for the whole show.

Last question (I would ask tons of questions but...) we heard that during sound checks you are
playing 4/5 tunes from Sonic Boom. Are you going to play them during the forthcoming concerts or
they will be part of the next tour set list?

We try many songs in sound checks everyday. As more people purchase Sonic Boom and get
to know the songs we will add some into the show.
One day at a time...


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