Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paul Stanley: Q&A with SPIN

Q&A: KISS' Paul Stanley
SPIN Interview
By David Marchese

What will KISS fans see on this tour that they haven't seen before?

There's more pyro. The whole stage, in essence, is a video screen -- all the amplifiers double as video screens and there are massive video screens behind us as well. The projections on them are phenomenal. There's a part of the show where [drummer] Eric [Singer] and [guitarist] Tommy [Thayer] do a great musical duel. We're using technology to make a bigger and better gun.
A love gun, if you will.[Laughs]

It's a gun that's better than having guys dancing around trying to mount each other while somebody lip-syncs.

You've been onstage with fireworks going off behind you for 35 years. What keeps it fresh?

The first order of business is to please ourselves. Are we changing things up for the fans? We change things up for us. You have to bear in mind that we started out wanting to be the band that we never saw. That continues to be the philosophy. We want to do the greatest show we can for us. I want the band to live up to everything it can possibly be. So this tour, which is a continuation of the Sonic Boom Over Europe tour, is by far the best and greatest show we've done. I think so. The fans think so. And the critics, by god, think so too.
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