Wednesday, October 7, 2009


(The Kiss Mask)

I'm not one for reviewing albums- at all. I don't review Kiss albums (never did for my own or any other fanzine) nor did I review Ace's recent release, "ANOMALY." But I have to say this new album is KILLER! There isn't a song on the album that isn't deserving to be there.
Each and every song on "SONIC BOOM" has a unique vibe and feel not to mention catchy as all hell. Just when I thought Kiss was done in recording new music and I admit, I was a skeptic as to how this new record would turn out and as well as how it would be received.
When I heard Paul Stanley was producing the disc, I knew it would be done right, I regained that same excitement I had back in the '70s when word got out that Kiss was putting out a new album. Paul's production gave me new faith that this new record would be something worth waiting for as well as listening too.
Today, I listened to "SONIC BOOM" for the umpteenth time and I love it! I am so glad Kiss decided to do this album. "SONIC BOOM" rocks and rolls- KISS is back with new music and a new tour and ready to conquer the masses- once again!

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