Saturday, November 8, 2008


There has been a flurry of controversy regarding Ace charging for autographs at his appearence at Chiller Expo in New Jersey last month. This site has recieved it's share of complaints and emails as well. KISS MASK would like to address this recent activity.

Although I understand the fan's point of view, the reason to charge a fee ($30.00 as it has been reported) has more to do with (in my opinion ) controlling just how "many and what" a person can get signed. And I believe greed plays a more important role than on Ace's part. If you allow "as many items as you wanted," dealers and those posing as fans, would bring as much as they could possibly carry, tying up what would be an already long line. And since Ace's autograph is also one of the most sought after signatures out of the original four members of KISS, one item per person also controls to a point just how many autographs will turn up in ( as many did on Ebay the day after the event ) hands of dealers which make an already lucrative market on Ebay.
Some emails from fans feel betrayed by Ace's decision not to autograph guitars or pick guards though it probably has a lot more to do with Ebay dealers rather than "hurting the fans."

It is also a known fact that many celebrities who attend these expos, such as Monster Con and Chiller, do indeed charge for their "John Hancock."
Celebrities now can take a more controlled approach to deciding what gets signed and how many. And with the controlled atmosphere it also insures your signed Ace item much more exclusive and as rare as it can be- JFH

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