Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Paul Stanley recently told the McLean Connection in Virginia that he is behind the famous KISS logo, "I've always had a clear vision for the band and what I wanted it to be." I thought Ace initially created the logo? I know Paul refined it. Read below a snippet from that article.

Stanley's hand was behind the makeup and costumes that helped make KISS world-famous, as well as some of its set designs, album covers and apparel. "I always had a very clear vision for the band and what I wanted it to be," he said. He created the KISS logo sitting at a table in his parents’ house while he lived there. "That’s why the two S’s are not completely parallel," he said, adding that when the band’s design team offered to straighten them, he declined. He didn’t start painting again until about eight years ago, when he was going through a divorce and a friend suggested he resume the hobby. "It became a very interesting way of confronting a lot of things that were going on, and it turned out to be a journey I’m still on," he said. Stanley said he’d had no intention of showing his art, but when he hung one of his paintings in his house, visitors wanted to know whose work it was.
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