Monday, June 28, 2010

Bill Aucoin Passes Away 1943-2010

Bill Aucoin, 1943-2010

Kiss Mask is sad to learn the passing of the legendary Bill Aucoin.
Kiss Mask will present tributes to Bill in the days ahead.

An official press release states:

William Aucoin, beloved record industry executive, manager, entrepreneur, and creative visionary, passed away this morning, Monday, June 28th at 9:11 AM (EST) at the Aventura Hospital and Medical Center in Aventura, FL. Born December 29th, 1943, Bill was battling prostate cancer, and passed away from surgical complications.

The man known for masterminding the career of the world-renowned group KISS, Bill Aucoin also managed STARZ, TOBY BEAU, BILLY SQUIER, BILLY IDOL, and numerous other artists. His most recent venture is Aucoin Globe Entertainment, which he founded in 2007 (

In its three years, Bill and his company developed bands in the US and around the world. He leaves behind his boyfriend of fifteen years, Roman Fernandez, and two sisters Betty Britton and Janet Bankowski.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

Bill was 66 years old.

Lydia Criss has issued the following statement:
Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is my sad duty to inform you that Bill Aucoin passed away in Florida this morning (Monday, June 28th) due to complications from Cancer & Diverticulitis.

We heard that there will be a service in NYC, but we don't know the details.

Lydia Criss

Bill Aucoin & KISS from Edwin Newman's 1978 NBC documentary, Land of Hype And Glory
Part One:

Part Two:

Bill is interviewed (outake) for a documentary Kiss Loves You from 8th Grade Films. Bill is asked about the Detroit Convention raid where Gene and Paul came in, to the surprise of the fans as well as the promoters, to reclaim original costumes, artwork, and many items that legally belong to "Kiss."


Matt said...

Very sad news. THANK YOU, Bill Aucoin, for everything that you have given us.


Bill, thank you for bringing our favorite band to us. You've always been kind, gentle, forthcoming and never- ever had a harsh word about or to anyone.

Thanks for the fantastic interview we did together in 1994. It was a great day amd I'll never forget it.

RIP Bill Aucoin 1943-2010