Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Here are a few tib-bits from Ace's recent Interview with Spinner Magazine:

What are some of your favorite guitar moments in your own work?

Ace: That solo in 'Strange Ways,' 'Fractured Mirror,' I was just listening to that the other day. We were trying to work it up for the show, we were gonna do that and 'Ozone,' but I think we're gonna hold off on that until the next tour cause I don't wanna do it unless it's perfect. I'm not that good at critiquing my own work, I'd rather let other people do it. What do you think?

One song I just fell in love with recently, even though it's not a guitar song, is 'Hard Luck Woman.

Ace: 'That's a good song. 'Calling Dr. Love' is a good song. I'm trying to remember the guitar solo 'cause I just can't hear it in my head. 'God of Thunder' I did a really cool solo on that. Gene was good with me in the studio. He used to like give me ideas. He'd go, "Ace, do the dinosaur bend here and then do something fast and then do this melodic thing." He'd help pull them out of me, 'cause back in those days I wasn't always present, even though I was there [laughs].

Do you talk to the guys in Kiss anymore?

Ace: Yeah, Gene called me in November of last year and invited me to do his television show. I was just too busy. I speak to Paul every so often, three or four times a year. And I spoke to Peter in October. So we all keep in touch.

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