Friday, November 16, 2012

KISS' '(Music From) The Elder' Released Today 1981

'(Music From) The Elder" Marks 31 Years Since it's Release

Today marks the 31st Anniversary of the release of Kiss' concept album. the albumm has been one the band's most talked about releases, loved by critics, ignored by fans (in 1981) and dismissed by the band.

It is an album, a musical journey, a story of a boy, chosen by the Council of the Elder, in training of becoming a hero, by the Order of the Rose. The Boy over comes his doubts of his journey and his confidence and is self assurance. Morpheus assures the Council that the Boy is ready to be a champion. "...A real champion."

Produced by Bob Ezrin based on  a story by Gene Simmons. Kiss experimented in all types of music  in the making of this record- from rockers to ballads- which confused Kiss fans. It wasn't your typical album from Kiss. The album sold poorly and a planned tour was cancelled.

Today, the album has more of a cult following, with fans screaming out songs from it during Kiss' acoustic sessions on the Kiss Kruise and on tour at Meet & Greets. Now, known as one of Kiss' best albums,. taking a risky chance by Kiss, that has grown like a fine wine with age.

Kiss did a number of live appearances to promote the album including a satellite broadcast to Europe from Studio 54 (minus Ace Frehley) and ABC's "Friday's" show where the entire band played "The Oath" and "I"  and appeared on Solid Gold. It was Eric Carr's first recording with Kiss and Ace Frehley's last.

The album peaked at #75 on Billboard's Top 200 Albums and the single (with video), "A World Without Heroes" peaked at #56 on the Top 100 Singles Chart.- Frank Hagan

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