Monday, November 19, 2012

KISS MASK's 1989 Contest- Autographed Photo of ERIC CARR!

By Matt Porter /

You've all heard "Super Fan" Andy's KISS KRUISE KOMMENTARY segments on THE KISS ROOM, but who knew that Andy and KISS MASK creator Frank Hagan already had a connection that goes back to the early days of KISS fanzines?

Back in 1987, Frank Hagan, co-host of THE KISS ROOM, created his KISS MASK fanzine, self-publishing the 'zine which included Frank's exclusive interviews with Eric Carr, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Bruce Kulick, Eddie Kramer and Bill Aucoin.

Back in 1989, KISS MASK ran a contest to win an autographed picture of Eric Carr and the winner... "Super Fan" Andy Moyen!

Andy has the Eric Carr photo on his wall and recently sent us pics of the original postcard that he recieved from Frank.

KISS MASK continues online at and was featured on page 78 of the hardcover KISS book, THE ULTIMATE KISS FANZINE PHENOMENON (1976-2009).

Eric Carr was always a strong supporter of KISS MASK from the beginning including a rare autographed photo he did for a MASK contest. He always wrote notes and stayed in touch and Eric and I became friendly. Memories I will cherish forever. Eric was one of the sweetest, considerate, kind people I have ever met in the music business.
Eric was one of those "good guys!" - Frank Hagan

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