Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PETER CRISS to Judge KISS Costume Contest at NJ KISS Expo

Kiss Asylum

Founding KISS member Peter Criss will be the celebrity judge for the KISS Costume contest at the New Jersey KISS Expo coming up Saturday, September 8, 2012!

Every KISS fan has done it at one time or another – dressed up to emulate their long-time heroes….and how much cooler would it be to have one of your heroes, a founding member of the band KISS, be on stage with you as you vie for the title of Best KISS Costume? Well, you can have a chance to make this once in a life-time dream come true September 8th at the New Jersey KISS Expo!

Two different contests for Kids and Adults! This event will take place in the main room of the Expo hall and will be open for all KISS Expo ticket holders to watch. Never in your life will you have an opportunity like this again!

Visit the the link HERE for all rules and details for the costume contest!

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