Monday, August 20, 2012

KISS: Destroyer:Resurrected Released Tomorrow.

 Destroyer:Resurrected Releasing Tomorrow
By Frank Hagan

The physical release of the 35th (actually 36th) of the remixed and celebrated 4th studio album Destroyer:Resurrected will be released tomorrow. I am looking forward to the physical release and the vinyl edition should be in my hands by Thursday. This is the studio album, I feel, broke Kiss after the success of Eddie Kramer's KISS ALIVE! .  It was the album that put Kiss on the radio besides the live version of "Rock And Roll All Nite."

The success of "Beth" catapulted Kiss to great fame, fortune and radio airplay across the boards. And on the opposite side the Paul Stanley/Bob Ezrin penned "Detroit Rock City" became the signature Kiss song. That single, whether who or what was on the A-side and B-side was a win-win situation. Two classics on one 45RPM single. Destroyer  sent  Kiss to greater heights. Bob Ezrin took Kiss to their best, pushing them to try different elements of music. They did it and unlike no other band of it's time then and now.

Strings, acoustic guitars, pianos, organs and harps took Kiss to another level unlike any other of it's contemporaries. The album is brilliant. It brought the best out in Kiss and their capabilities to try new things and experiment.

Kiss's Destroyer is the most daring, ballsy and extraordinary album Kiss has ever done- then and now. No other album, by anyone, including Kiss, will ever capture the strength and endurance Destroyer has achieved over the years since it's release on March 15, 1976. The album captures the era, yet the remixed Ezrin update, bring this album to current time. It's an album that could be released on this day, in this year and sound like it was born to be delivered this day.

This album deserved to be celebrated. The songs that have long been live staples in any Kiss show on any Kiss show proves that with Do You Love Me,?  God Of Thunder, Shout It Out Loud, King The Nightime World, Beth and Detroit Rock City  that this is the album Kiss pulls the most songs from on any given tour at anytime. Damn right this album should be celebrated and I am!

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