Saturday, March 3, 2012

Auction to help our friend, C.C. Banana

Many of you know or have heard of C.C. Banana. He is a rock and roll comic, who has been a staple at NJ/NY Kiss Expos, as well as his conducting interviews with some of the biggest bands in rock and roll. I personally know him and he is one of the nicest, sweetest guys you'll ever meet with an incredible sense of humor.
He is a huge Kiss fan and he is calling on our help in his time of need.
There are a number of rare, obscure, much sought after KISS collectibles are now up for auction to benefit our friend, rock and roll comic, C.C. Banana, currently in crisis.
C.C. was currently recording his 10th Anniversary solo album when his family was struck by severe financial hardship, brought on by the sudden decline of an ailing family member.. As a result, he is now on the verge of losing the house he grew up in.
In effort to save his family, SplitScreen Entertianment is organizing a series of auctions on behalf of C.C. Banana including autographed from his rock and roll friends and heroes. This week's spotlight auctions include the exceedingly rare Kiss remote control van, the similarly uncommon Kiss View Master Double-Vue film loop and limited edition Kiss Symphony windbreaker.
Please click the ebay link to view and bid on these rare items.

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