Friday, March 16, 2012

8 Cool Things About KISS by Monster Mini Golf
A spy says that KISS By Monster Mini Golf "will be a huge success. KISS fans will dig it. Rock fans will dig it. Tourists will dig it. Kids will looooove this place. Which is, I think, what will keep it going for a long time."

According to the spy, these are The Eight Cool Things About KISS By Monster Mini Golf:

1) The front door to the VIP lounge is a hand crafted replica of the door from The Elder cover.

2) The stage for Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel is a reproduction of the Love Gun cover with marble floors and pillars.

3) The entrance to the place is a hand painted replica of giant KISS statues in their Destroyer poses standing on top of a giant golf ball.

4) In a corner by the 9th hole is a replica of a KISS stage with four life size KISS figures that will move animatronically on a timer.

5) The KISS gift shop has seemingly everything you can buy on their website right in front of you.

6) The cafe is shaped like the K in KISS' logo, and has three tv sets playing three different KISSOLOGY DVDs simultaneously without audio.

7) There is a DJ booth in another corner of the course with the entire KISS iTunes catalog on shuffle.

8) 20-foot replicas of Paul's cracked mirror guitar, Gene's axe bass and Ace's custom Les Paul on different holes of the course. Yes, they will smoke and spit blood as well.

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