Friday, February 24, 2012

KISS' MONSTER Tour to Open in South America Unlikely

Though there has been no official announcement and it seems unlikely, a Brazilian newspaper has said that KISS will open their MONSTER tour in Brazil in July. These rumors have been shot down by the KISS camp as it would prove impossible for Kiss to be on two continents at once. Kiss is booked for a July 6 show at Sonisphere Festival in the UK. It would make more sense that Kiss would tour Europe this summer while they are already there.


Anonymous said...

i have a question. How can kiss open up a "NEW" monster tour when they are on tour ALREADY??????


There was "talk" that Kiss were going to South America to open their tour. I belive the confusement came when Gene was going there for his Rock N Roll All Stars tour.

I don't think the tour with Motley Crue is actually the MONSTER tour since the album won't be out until October...As Paul says, "We're just getting started!"