Monday, February 6, 2012

Best KISS DESTROYER Song in Ultimate Classic Rock's Poll

Ultimate Classic Rock KISS Reader's Poll
Ultimate Classic Rock conducted an online poll of which songs on KISS' 1976 breakthrough album, DESTROYER.  'Detroit Rock City, God of Thunder' and Shout It Out Loud' rated the highest. Oddly enough 'Beth' scored a mere 4.6% which, at the time, when the B-side of "Detroit Rock City was flipped to "'Beth," record sales jumped and become a platinum selling record.

'Detroit Rock City' 50.07%
'King of the Night Time World' 6.9%
'God of Thunder' 13.65%
'Great Expectations' 1.07%
'Flaming Youth' 4.56%
'Sweet Pain' 1.65%
'Shout it Out Loud' 11.41%
'Beth' 4.67%
'Do You Love Me?' 6.02%

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