Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tommy Thayer Talks to Kiss Army Argentina

KISS Army Argentina Exclusive Interview with Tommy Thayer

Kiss Army Argentina: First of all, Tommy, thanks a lot for your time; it is an honor and a pleasure for us.

Tommy Thayer: It's my pleasure and honor.

Kiss Army Argentina: We, the fans, are anxious about the release of the new album. What can you tell us about it?

Tommy Thayer: We've been recording the new album on and off now for several months. It's going to bean incredible album. It's very, very good.

Kiss Army Argentina: The time and in a way, the approach, taken to record the album is different than in “Sonic Boom”; there has been a recent short summer tour and now you have resumed the recording sessions for this new album. Does touring somehow help to shape the new album, in terms of, probably, getting and thinking over new ideas?

Tommy Thayer: Not really; although being on the road together gives us the opportunity to easily get together on off days to work on ideas.

Kiss Army Argentina: Have you been involved in songwriting for the new album as much as you had been involved for “Sonic Boom”?

Tommy Thayer: Probably more on this one.

Kiss Army Argentina: Please tell us about the equipment that you used for recording the new album.

Tommy Thayer: Again, I borrowed Paul's Gibson SG guitar that really sounds great. I've been using one of my Hughes & Kettner signature amps along with a variety of other amps to get a nice scorching sound!

Kiss Army Argentina: How would you describe the material recorded for the new album?

Tommy Thayer: The new songs are GREAT, probably even better as a whole than SB. And SB was fantastic.

Kiss Army Argentina: We know that on the album you will be, once again, doing lead vocals in a song, like you did in “Sonic Boom”; in this sense, many of us wonder why you have not sung“When Lightning Strikes” yet; what can you tell us about that? And what can you tell us about this new song that you will be singing?

Tommy Thayer: It tough choosing song lists for a live set. When you have a brand new album out and people don't know the songs as well yet, it's hard to put more than two or three new songs in the set; more than that and it kills the momentum of the show.

Kiss Army Argentina: Is there an estimated release date for the album?

Tommy Thayer: Sometime in 2012.

Kiss Army Argentina: Some weeks ago Gene said that there will be new outfits and a new concept for the stage; is this true?

Tommy Thayer: We've been talking about the show and stage a lot. There are some great ideas in the planning stages right now.

Kiss Army Argentina: Between the current projects there is the release of a DVD, “KISSology IV”,in which you have been actively involved; is there a release date already?

Tommy Thayer: No specific release dates yet. I know it's hard to wait!

Kiss Army Argentina: You have been working with KISS for many years in different audio visual projects, from which we infer that you have access to a lot of unreleased material from different eras. Among that material, we suppose that there are those famous Pro Shot files that Gene had from the “Asylum” Tour; is this assumption correct? Because there is very little official material from that era, and we the fans only have some bootlegs, and it would be great to have more official stuff!

Tommy Thayer: I will take note!

Kiss Army Argentina: Talking about set lists, KISS has a huge amount of songs to choose.Knowing that there will soon be a new tour, are there any plans to renew the setlist? Because it would be great to listen again to some songs, such as “Ladies Room”, “Take Me”, or “Mr. Speed”,to mention just a few of them, instead of some of the songs that have been consistently performed in the latest tours…

Tommy Thayer: Tell me what you'd like to hear..

Kiss Army Argentina: Which KISS song that has never been performed live would you like to play,if Gene and Paul gave you the opportunity to choose?

Tommy Thayer: Maybe "All Hell's Breakin' Loose." I've always loved that song.

Kiss Army Argentina: Is there an estimated date for the next tour already? And a question that we have to ask: will you visit South America, and Argentina in particular?

Tommy Thayer: Again, everyone will need to wait a little bit longer before we announce release dates, tour dates etc. After three years will we definitely be ready to tour South America again; some of the rowdiest fans in the world!

Kiss S Army Argentina: We know that apart from music, you have other interests; for instance, you are a very good golf player. Can you tell us how and when you became involved with this sport?

Tommy Thayer: It's a nice diversion from the rock & roll lifestyle.

Kiss Army Argentina: Finally, could you please leave a message for KISS Army Argentina?

Tommy Thayer: To KISS Army Argentina: WE LOVE YOU!!!


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