Monday, January 23, 2012

New Eric Carr Tribute:"I'm A Legend Tonight" Released

A new CD in tribute to Eric Carr has been released. The album, "I'm A Legend Tonight" is a collection of Kiss covers is released through Italy's  Bologna City Records. All the Kiss songs covered are tracks that Eric Carr has drummed and sang on. The album has the support of the Carravelo family.

You can purchase the album Here.

1 Danger Zone "Crazy crazy nights"
2 Crying Steel "Lick it Up"
3 Markonee "Who wants to be lonely"
4 H.A.R.E.M. "Under the gun"
5 Midnite Sun "War machine"
6 Deadly Tide "Forever"
7 Neurasthenia "I love it loud"
8 Sange Main Machine "Creatures of the night"
9 Kissexy "I'm a legend tonight"
10 Noise Pollution "King of the mountain"
11 Superhorrorfuck "Heaven's on fire"
12 Luppi/Priori "A world without heroes"
13 Gunsmoke "Rock and roll hell"
14 Live 4 Win "Hide your heart"
15 Kiss Web Italy All Star "Uh! All night"

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