Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gene Simmons to appear at 3-D Summit in Hollywood

Ron Henson, American Film Institute Conservatory Arts Examiner

The annual 3D Summit that is being held at the Hollywood/Highland Center today September 20, 2011 through Thursday September 22nd just adjacent to the Renaissance Hotel in the epicenter of Hollywood is well under way. The first presentation was on the mobile entertainment side as there is a 3D Entertainment Summit running in conjunction with the Mobile 3D Summit. The first group of speakers included Gene Simmons of rock-n-roll fame (KISS) who is here promoting Ortsbo. One of Gene’s points was that marketers and the shakers and movers in 3D Mobile technologies can no longer take a sort of egocentric (the word he used was “arrogant”) attitude that if people want to do business with us or use our products, they have to learn English. That’s an attitude that perhaps worked during the height of the British Empire but it doesn’t work today. The appeal of Ortsbo is obvious. Remember the universal translator from Star Trek TNG and Enterprise? We have that here on earth with Ortsbo. Their product is a translation matrix that works on social media. In fact, during the presentation there was a display of what appeared to be tweets from the 3D Summit. Whoever was controlling the projection kept changing languages. In fact, Gene Simmons speaks four languages including Hungarian and German. “People in the mobile industry point to mobile. People in print point to print and people on the internet point to computers and technology but my philosophy that affects my bottom line is leave no stone unturned. In other words it’s important to be mobile in your content—with your message. Variety is a good example. They have an Internet presence so the notion of mobile is becoming more and more seductive. You want to be with the consumer wherever they go but if that’s the only thing you do you’re going to leave lots of checks that are on the table elsewhere so you’ve got to connect things.”

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