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Richie Scarlet Talks About Recording With Peter Criss

Peter Criss' New Album: "Bitchin' Rock And Roll"
As first reported here back in August 2009, Richie Scarlet in an exclusive interview with KISS MASK WEBZINE that he recorded some tracks for Peter Criss' upcoming 'Rock Album.' Rock Music Star recently interviewed Richie as he candidly spoke about those sessions, among many things.

Interviewed by John Jeffrey
RMS: One project you worked on in 2010 was the Peter Criss 'Rock' album. Could you tell us about that project and when we may be able to expect to see it released?

RS: I did that record quite awhile back. I had a blast doing it with Peter. I love Peter Criss. We've been friends for a long, long time. I really wanted to play guitar on it, but all of the guitars were already done by his guitar player, Angel, who's been with him forever. So I ended up playing bass. I did 8 or 9 tracks on the record. This record is a Rock and Roll record, and it's not like his previously released one ("One For All"), which was a ballad/crooner kinda thing. This is back to bitchin' Rock and Roll. There's some really good tracks on this record, though I haven't heard it since I cut the tracks. It's due out sometime this year on Sony records. I don't know when the (exact) release date is, as I'm actually surprised it hasn't been released yet.

RMS: One thing people may not know, is the way you wound up recording the bass parts, was a very a-typical way for you, as you told me that you had not heard any of the material before recording your tracks.

RS: Usually when you're asked to play on a record, you're given the material, so you can
work on it, before you come in to record it. But in Peter's case, he was not keen on releasing any of his material, so I had to go in there cold. Having no idea what the tracks sounded like or anything. I didn't have an absolute clue about anything (regarding the material). Therefore, I decided when I got to the studio, I was going to go right to the tracks, just roll up my sleeves, and go for it. That's exactly what I did. I pulled up to the studio driveway, I got out (of my car), Peter's studio engineer was standing there, and we proceeded to walk into the studio. I didn't even waste five minutes. I sat down and I told him to start playing me the tracks. I just took track by track. I'd take the verse, then work on the verse. I'd go to the chorus, and then the bridge, whatever the arrangement was. I approached it with a real mental attitude, that since I don't have the material - BRING IT ON!! It was definitely a different way to do a record, but it kept me on my toes. I'm glad I was able to put my input into it. I gave some production input also. That was it, and it was a total blast. I kinda keep forgetting I even did it, because it was quite awhile ago, but KISS fans have a way of reminding me that the record will be coming out. Hopefully, it will see the light sometime soon.

RMS: Many music fans/KISS fans remember you from all of the years you worked with Ace Frehley, so to hear you working with another member of KISS will undoubtedly make many people happy.

RS: I went from one rebel of KISS, to another rebel of KISS. It was always 'in the cards' with Peter Criss and I, because we've jammed many times before. When you play with someone and the vibe is right, you usually end up recording with them. And that's exactly what happened. I was very happy to do it, though I would have loved to play some guitar on it. I think it's going to be a really good record and I'm not just saying that because I played on it, and trying to make Peter look good. There's some actually well written songs on it.

Read the entire interview HERE.

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