Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ace Frehley's NO REGRETS Delayed?

Ace's Book Delayed by 2 Years
According to, Ace's book No Regrets has been delayed from it's original release of April 2011 to the Fall of 2011 and now to April 13, 2013.


MATT said...

2013?!?! Ace, of all people, must know that the aliens are coming back on December 21, 2012. Or maybe, that's why he is delaying the book..... hmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Maybe the aliens are publishing the books!

Anonymous said...

This book will NEVER be released. He (Frehley) has been talking about releasing this for years now. He doesn't have the drive and even if he did complete it, it would be half-ass. Sad but true.