Sunday, January 23, 2011

Country Single Breathes New Life into "Beth"

"Beth" is a new Country Single

Vince Hatfield, winner of the 2010 New Music Awards for “Country Male Artist of the Year,” has produced a new single: the KISS classic “Beth.” The song was an interesting choice when KISS did it, proving the hard rock, tempo pounding band could produce a slow and intimate song. Naturally this slow rock song lends itself well to the country soundings of Hatfield.

“My wife and I always loved the song, ‘Beth,’” Hatfield explained. “I wanted to try tackling something that would be the exact opposite in content from the heavy lyrics of our previous single ‘Through the Glass.’ I think every musician can connect with this new song and I hope I have done KISS justice.”

I believe he has. The song, now over thirty years old, has simple lyrics that can reach across time and still have the same impact it did then.
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