Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bruce Kulick at Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp

Message from Bruce Kulick

Hello everyone! I just returned from the 3 day Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp in San Francisco, and what a great time I had! My band was really fun to play with since most of them perform already together in bands in the Bay Area, but for the camp they wanted to perform something new besides the tunes from their list.

We decided on Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds," which is a bit ambitious, but we all loved the great melody and intensity of the song. Our second song was "Last Time" by the Rolling Stones, an early catchy classic of theirs. Last but not least we learned "Mustang Sally," which has a great groove and singalong background vocals. After our spirited performance at the Fillmore (what an amazing venue!) I jammed with the Counselor band, and it ended with Dickey Betts and his son Duane (a truly gifted young Betts) jamming on some Allman Brothers classics.

I came home exhausted, but very pleased with how the camp changes peoples lives. The joy of music and the common love for playing and performing and how the campers participate and "get inside" the hard work of music, with the reward and joy of making music together at the camp, truly takes our campers to another level of living. I see this at every camp.

I want to thank my band, named "Dubious Conundrum" (crazy I know!), and of course my dear Lisa for helping out on vocals for the Elvis tune. Also the staff at the camp and all my counselor friends, once again, for having an amazing time! And thank you all at The Sheraton Four Points in Emeryville for allowing us to take over the hotel. That felt very rock 'n roll!

Keep watching the VH-1 Classic HIT show "Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp," as it is so powerful watching the bands' experiences captured in full TV glory, that feeling I try to explain to you all. And visit for info on how to be involved with something that one can't fully describe, only experience for themselves.I think the photos are self explanatory, although my only regret was I wish I could of played Dickey Betts' Les Paul!Take Care,

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