Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kiss Tour Recruits New Generation of Fans
Hot dogs. Apple pie. Chevrolet. And ... Kiss?
Quite so, according to Kiss drummer Eric Singer, who argued the band is an integral part of American culture.

“Kiss has become a part of Americana. It’s very much a part of the American landscape,” he said during a recent phone interview. “When you come to a show, it’s like taking the kids to Disneyland. There is that kind of spirit at the shows.”

To keep that spirit alive, the band is dedicated to ensuring that it delivers as much spectacle on stage as possible.

“What we’re doing is taking what we did last year [on tour] and adding more aspects to the show to make it bigger and better,” he said. “We take Kiss and improve and enrich it and make it better.”

So what can we expect at Saturday’s concert at Hersheypark Stadium?

“If I tell you, it ruins the surprise,” Singer said.

The band is touring in support of its first studio album in 11 years, “Sonic Boom.” Singer said that while the group will perform a few songs from “Boom,” which fans and critics say harkens back to the classic, ‘70s-era Kiss, it’s not going to neglect fans who want to hear the classics.

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