Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kiss to Cover ' Venue And Mars' for McCartney Tribute

A conversation with the Kiss icon, who'll bring The Hottest Show on Earth to NEPA
by Nikki M. MascaliStaff Writer
Fans don't go to Kiss shows to hear an agenda.

They don't go to find out who they should vote for in the next election or to hear the band's opinion on an oil spill."We don't talk about acid rain or who's going to save the whales or what political party you should vote for - we don't care about that. Most people yawn when they start to hear that," bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons told the Weekender from Los Angeles where the band was recording "Venus and Mars" for an upcoming Paul McCartney tribute album.

"Next time I want to find out about acid rain and the rainforest, I hope it's not from a rock star. In the same way, I don't want to find out from a scientist what other song I should put in the set, so I think rock stars should shut up, get up on stage and do what they're designed to do - otherwise, you're not qualified to tie my shoelaces."Actually, there is something on Kiss' show agenda: To give its legion of fans the greatest show on the planet. A Kiss concert is an extravagant display of pyrotechnics, elaborate costumes and face paint, Simmons' blood spitting, Simmons and vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley flying through the air and music that has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide since the mid-1970s.
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