Friday, May 21, 2010


Back stage with KISS recording team

By Fabio "Deuce" Mainardi

Milan, May 18, KISS show n°12 of the Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour. I was heading to the venue with the bitter-sweet feeling this would be the last time I could see them live…I was thinking the same in 1996, though…KISS is immortal as their music and nowadays it’s so cool KISS fans may be collect high quality recordings of each and every show thanks to the massive job carried over by KISS technical partner simfy live (formerly known as Concert Online). The daily planning said I would have met up with the recording team at the Mediolanum Forum to see how all the things are being done and set up in order to let the people have their show on hand in the same time KISS are backstage taking off their greasepaint! Unfortunately due to some technical insider information taped during the interview, the management decided on not having the video published in any way, but I can tell you the guys are doing a tremendous job; it’s even unimaginable how many things should be set up for every show and immediately after packed as fast as possible in order to be shipped to the next venue. Basically the KISS shows are taped on 46 tracks boot including some crowd mikes and all snares toms and pedasl of Eric’s drum kit. The recording is made on a pair of PC in order to be able to switch for one to another in case of default and to be sure to get the recordings done. Cutting tracks and tagging them is done almost live, and even the “special effects” of the guitars moving form channel left to right (during Tommy solo e.g.) are done live thanks to a Video installed in the control room where the guys may follow KISS playing and choose the right timing to fade in and fade out the guitars lines. All concert are ready to be sold up to the 11nd song that normally is 100,000 years at the end of the show while the remening part become downloadable early in the afternoon of the following day, almost incredible to see…amazing to listen, believe me!!For more infos on simfy live products and tour dates listing go to

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